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Our workshop offers a full range of restoration and conservation services, including leather desk inserts, hand applied french polish, water and oil gilding, and completing sets. We also have extensive experience working with reputable insurance companies.

While it is true that refinishing a piece can devalue an antique by 80 percent, sometime it is needed to make the piece more useful and desirable, which adds value.

Hurricane Katrina wingchair before and after

Many times refinishing is not necessary to bring back a piece to its original glow. We recommend an annual wax to keep furniture in top shape.

This badly fire damaged mirror came to us with gaping holes around the perimeter. The process shows us laying a ground of black bole, and the finished product.

We use 23 karat gold and traditional methods on our gilding projects - make sure you are not being charged gold prices for a Dutch metal product!

Armoir fitted for entertainment unit

This family heirloom clock came to us in a box. The entire middle section was missing as well as a large portion of the bonnet and base. Using a family photograph as a guide, we restored it to its original splendor.

Our workshop specializes in completing or expanding existing sets of chairs.

Water damage can sometimes be easily removed, as shown on this pembroke table.

Goodchild's was hired to conserve the paneling and antiques in the historic Stoneleigh Hotel in Dallas. Left shows one aspect of damage, and our conservation repair.

The Stoneleigh did not realize under layers of white latex paint were hidden this pair of beautiful pier mirrors and consoles, which we restored.

The penthouse of the original Stoneleigh was expanded during renovation and we added a portion of wall to blend in with the original antique paneling.